The New Age Movement Vs Christianity – Part 1

I need to clearly present you on this report how the rules of the NAM and of the bible are diametrically opposed.

The New Age Motion (NAM) is a revamped mixture of historical non secular, traditions and practices. The motion will get its title from the assumption within the emergence of the “Age of Aquarius”. Along with historical influences, the NAM is deeply rooted within the counterculture motion of the 1960’s. Notice: For brevity functions, on this report I discuss with the New Age Motion because the NAM.

It’s exhausting to get an estimate of the variety of New Age believers because it encompasses so many perception methods (corresponding to reincarnation, the occult, and so forth.). In America alone it’s estimated that 10,000,000 individuals consider in or apply the NAM in a technique or one other. Nonetheless, while you add associated beliefs corresponding to in reincarnation, and different Far Japanese beliefs within the USA and the world; then the worldwide membership is believed to be a lot, a lot larger. It actually matches the outline of a harlot faith as described in finish time bible prophecies.

A standard perception among the many NAM is that mankind has or will quickly enter a brand new age often called the Age of Aquarius, whereby man will lastly come to embrace love, pleasure, peace, abundance, and concord amongst peoples and nations; the Golden Age of man. So primarily based on what is occurring around the globe at this time, it’s clear that this new age of peace is nowhere in sight.

I’m going to obviously present you the way the rules of the NAM and of the bible are diametrically opposed. You CANNOT consider within the God of the bible if you happen to embrace the New Age philosophy. I need to re-emphasize that they’re diametrically opposed – absolute opposites! They’re like mild versus darkness, day vs. night time, like polarity, and to coin a phrase aware of New Agers – they’re opposites like “Yin and Yang”.

The Genesis of the New Age Motion (NAM)

The time period New Age refers back to the coming astrological Age of Aquarius. It’s just like the Mayan perception in separate ages. In response to the Age of Aquarius believers, the planet goes by giant astronomical cycles which may be recognized astrologically; the prior two thousand years have been described because the Age of Pisces, which has now given method to the Age of Aquarius. This age is believed to final for about 2000 years, earlier than being changed by one other age. Nonetheless, the “new” within the phrases “New Age” are misleading to start with. Though they signify that it’s new due to a supposed new age that will probably be heralded in by astrological indicators (Age of Aquarius and different Astrology influences), virtually each different perception and apply have historical roots.

Even the NAM’s “New Age of Aquarius” theme is previous information – it’s Astrology primarily based. Astrology has been round since historical instances – it’s the perception that the heavenly our bodies have an effect on people all through their life cycle.

The thriller of the celebs and planetary actions is one thing that draws many followers to the NAM; however the NAM is simply rehashing previous mythology and adorning it as if the motion of the constellation Aquarius will someway launch some form of divine essence into man; changing man to a God or Goddess. Sort of appears like historical Egyptian, Greek, Babylonian and Roman Mythology over again – does not it? To be taught extra in regards to the root of and the

Many practices of this cult motion corresponding to astrology, clairvoyance, divination, witchcraft/sorcery, necromancy (consulting the lifeless), and spiritism are clearly and strongly condemned in Scripture (Deuteronomy 18: 9-17; Isaiah 47: 9-15; Rev. 17). Many of those occult practices originated from the thriller religions of the traditional Assyrian-Babylonian, Chaldeans, and Egyptians.

Each evangelical Christians and Catholics have expressed concern over the NAM and its affect. The Roman Catholic Church for instance printed A Christian reflection on the New Age in 2003, following a six-year examine; the 90-page doc criticizes New Age practices corresponding to yoga mythology course online, meditation, feng shui, and crystal therapeutic. In response to the Vatican, euphoric states attained by New Age practices shouldn’t be confused with prayer or considered as indicators of God’s presence.

The NAM’s Lord Maitreya

Relating to Nam’s declare of the approaching “Christ” their Lord Maitreya” – it’s fascinating what number of cults try and invoke the title of Christ in an try and legitimize or add credibility to their very own religion and false doctrines.

Different anti-Christian dogma inside NAM is that one of many necessities for an individual to enter the New Age is that she or he should take what is called a “Luciferic Initiation,” an allegiance of types to the god of the New Age and to his proposed New World Order.

Though the NAM seems to have a liberal strategy to all religions, its primary philosophy undermines the Judeo-Christian religion and all of its beliefs; in that certainly one of NAMs elementary practices is Gnosticism; the Luciferic precept that “divinity” lies within man and never solely inside the sovereign God of the universe. They consider that it’s pure for man to worship man or self, as man is god.

It bears a exceptional resemblance to the apostate world faith that H.G. Wells had predicted that mankind would embrace at a future time.

Extra importantly is the similarity between the NAMs objective for a worldwide faith and Antichrist’s one world faith that will probably be embraced by all unbelievers on the time of the top as prophesied within the Guide of Revelation (Rev. 13, 17).

Within the following verse you’ll be able to substitute “the beast” with the charismatic one that will management all commerce, and can demand the worship of all unbelievers on the time of the top; which the New Agers name the Maitreya:

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