How Often Should I Clean The Swimming Pool Filter Cartridges

The commonest query from pool homeowners is about how usually they need to clear their swimming pool filter cartridges. Though the reply can differ from filter to filter, there are a couple of basic tips that provides you with an concept as to when it’s time to clear your cartridges.

The simplest solution to decide the effectiveness of your pool filter cartridge is your filter’s strain indicator. That is often a gauge or meter that’s on the skin of your filter housing. This gauge will even present you the utmost strain at which your filter ought to function. Make sure that your filter doesn’t exceed this strain.

As your cartridge begins to build up grime and particles it turns into harder for the pump to flow into water by way of the filter. In consequence, the strain in your filter system will increase and fewer water is circulated by way of your system. Not solely does this enhance the workload in your pump, it additionally reduces the amount of water that’s filtered. This leaves extra grime and particles in your pool. Most cartridge filters run at a decrease strain than sand or DE.

To get an correct studying of your cartridge filter supplier effectiveness it’s best to make be aware of the strain studying in your system if you set up a brand new filter cartridge. This might be your baseline studying.

As time goes by and your filter begins to build up particles, the system strain will enhance. When the strain will increase by about 8-10psi (8-10 kilos per sq. inch) it’s time to both clear or change your cartridge.

With the low value of cartridges, alternative is simple and cheap. For those who resolve to wash your cartridge you’ll want to not use an excessive amount of strain. An excessive amount of strain can truly push particles additional into the cartridge. Your purpose is to easily rinse off the bigger particles. After you rinse the cartridge it’s best to soak it in an alkaline based mostly cartridge cleansing answer. After you have got completed soaking it it’s best to gently rinse any remaining particles.

After you change your cartridge the system strain needs to be decrease. If it is not then it is most likely time to exchange it. A correctly functioning filter system may have decrease strain which permits it to flow into extra water and take away extra particles.

By ensuring that your swimming pool filter cartridges are in correct working order you’ll prolong the lifetime of your pump, your cartridges and most vital, you should have a glowing pool that’s clear, clear and exquisite.

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